Visibility: How to gain a view of the system

Visibility: How to gain a view of the system

Visibility is a primary requisite for inspect and adapt.

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Nov 27, 2018 • 1 min read

Much has been said about inspect and adapt. The concept is straight forward: inspect your situation and make a decision on a course correction. But the question is: do you really have all the data available to make an informed decision? Truth is, we never do. So instead of leaving the decision to chance, we make an effort to identify which relevant data would make the most impact to decide on - and make that information visible.

Visibility is what allows us to make informed decisions.

So why not make all information visible? Well, having too much information produces the same effect as not having any information. It introduces random selection - which is what we want to drive out. So we want to make selected information available and visible - and measure if having that availability increases the rate of positive outcomes.

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