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Delivering customer satisfaction in shorter than anticipated timelines.

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Empirical Mindset

Instead of spending months creating a perfect change plan (which is already obsolete by the time it is released), we start with a small prioritization phase to identify the biggest risk to our transformation and create an intervention designed to validate a single or set of strategic assumptions though experimentation. Control is replaced with participation, allowing the liberty for things to happen, measuring and interpreting the real effects generated. Change activities become experimentation cycles (interventions) where we co-create lasting transformation.

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Iterations and Increments

Every couple weeks the customer gets something of great value (working software), but it's also a great way to track progress (measuring the rate at which the team can turn user stories into production ready working software).


Antipatterns usually form over the years, as new ideas, practices or methods are added without re-analyzing the need for the existing ones. As such, solutions are found to "circumvent" common problems - but these solutions prove ineffective in the broader term and may result in undesired consequences down the line.

Lifecycles and Phases

Kanban Systems

Methods and Concepts

Queues and Batches