Business Agility Learning Community

A feedback-driven approach for managing transformation in rapidly evolving environments

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What is Business Agility?

The ability to manage the response to change in order to succeed in an uncertain and turbulent environments.

What is the Panoptic Methodological Framework for change?

Business Agility has matured to the point that it is being used in larger organizations, where teams of change agents work together to bring transformation to their organization. These settings require more structure to coordinate the work of multiple individuals into a coherent lean change effort.
The Panoptic methodological framework was born to give assistance to those implementing Business Agility into a more structured setting. It is a methodology for preparing and supporting individuals, teams, and organizations in making organizational change which aims to reduce the time to adopt new business models by allowing strategy to be localized into specific fit-for-purpose execution styles, by combining and executing batches of experimentations, and by validating each integration with those impacted.

To whom is it relevant?

  • Change Managers: Who know plenty of change methods and techniques, and are looking for modern ideas designed to work with business agility issues in today's rapid pace of transformation.
  • Agile Coaches: Interested in scaling and propagating agile transformation throughout the organization while managing and communicating change in a way that makes sense to today's leaders.
  • Management Consultants: Who want to take their skills to the next level and into the organizational layer. Use it to manage impediments beyond the team.
  • Manager and Leaders: Who are in it for the long-haul, but feel stuck with how to influence change. Learn how to best facilitate change by learning ideas from many disciplines.

About the BALC

The Business Agility Learning Community is a not-for-profit professional membership organization created to share the businessAgility framework, and to help organizations to make the shift to an agile change management approach. Our mission is to provide a community for those who seek an effective solution to enterprise transformational efforts and to serve as the source of business transformation knowledge for those who want to learn, those who want to improve their understanding, and for those who want to share their education and experience with lean enterprise change management.


We are currently working on a platform to enable members of the Business Agility Learning Community to participate and share knowledge. We hope to launch this functionality towards the middle of 2021.